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61 Sep-12
    The Diamond Jubilee River Pageant Stephen Kibbey
    The St John Heraldry in the East Window of St. Mary’s Church, Battersea  
    The Molet – to pierce or not to pierce; that is the question  
    Foreign Heraldry in Bethnal Green Andrew Gray
    Did you know...? Cardinals
    Peach Froggatt Kay Holmes
60 Feb-12
    Major-General John FitzMaurice, K.H. of Drayton Green, Middlesex. 1793-1865 Stephen Kibbey
    The Royal Guelphic Hanoverian Order  
    Did you know - the beaver  
    Obituary: Margaret Young Kay Holmes
    The Shakespear Roundle Margaret Young
    Society News  
59 Sep-11
    The Honourable Artillery Company – From the Restoration - Part 2 Stephen Kibbey
    Did you know - Sir Isaac Heard, Garter  
    The Maunch - Beauty or a Beast?  
    Obituary: Nan Taylor FHS Kay Holmes & Stephen Kibbey
    From the Chairman/Editor Stephen Kibbey
    Society News  
58 May-11
    Congratulations to TRH William and Catherine Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
    Stephen Kibbey and Kay Holmes
    The Election of Doge Lorenzo Tiepolo, Venice 1268 Stephen Kibbey
    A Scrope in Ruislip Andrew Gray
    The Arms of William Morris Clive Alexander
    What’s a Portuguese Queen doing in Limehouse? Andrew Gray
57 Feb-10
    The Honourable Artillery Company – From its Origins to the Restoration. Part 1 Stephen Kibbey
    Two Portuguese Armorials Stephen Kibbey
    Did you know - John Hare, Richmond Herald  
    Found and Lost - Royal Warrant from Saxony Clive Alexander
    Order of the Crown of Rue or Crancelin  
    Building a large achievement of arms Tim Powys-Libbe
    Armorial Family Tree of Humphrey and Margaret Moseley Richard d’Apice
56 Sep-09
  Queen Charlotte's Hatchment returns to Kew Peach Froggatt

Queen Charlotte and the Arms of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

  The four ancient military and monastic orders of Spain pt.2: Santiago and Montessa
  Restored Royal Arms at Aslackby, Lincolnshire William T. Collins
    And more Royal Arms (Wandsworth Town Library)  
  Heraldry on the tomb chest of George Brooke 9th Baron Cobham pt.2
  Did you know - Visitations of Middlesex  
    Richard Young 1809-1871, Sheriff of London and Middlesex
    Arms of Anglo-Polish Origins Stefan Zachary
    Society News  

55 Feb-09

  Henry 1st Earl of Uxbridge, Lord Paget of Beaudesert  

The arms of Chesterfield, Derbyshire

  The four ancient military and monastic orders of Spain pt.1: Calatrava and Alcantara
  Did you know - arms of Portugal  
  Heraldry on the tomb chest of George Brooke 9th Baron Cobham pt.1
  The credit crunch - what's new? (Edward III and the Bardi)

54 Sep-08

  The de Veres of Hedingham, Essex Clive Alexander

Visit to the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Braziers Company April 2007

Clive Alexander
  Did you know...? The Queen's Great Seals  
  Arms in the Middlesex Guildhall Rupert Barnes
  Can you help? Rupert Barnes
  A Herald's Notebook Andrew Gray
  Society News  
    Shield of Death  

53 Feb-07

  Chairman’s address  
  A Middlesex Herald –“…possibly the most scandalous appointment ever made to the College…”
  Nostradamus is said to have predicted his own death  
  Our website  
  The Rise of the Regional Flag Andrew Gray
  The King’s Body Guard of the Yeoman of the Guard  
  The Master of the Horse  

52 Sep-06

  Summer visit to Lincolns Inn on Friday 23rd June 2006  
  Summer visit to The Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Saviour and St Mary Overie Southwark on Friday 21st July 2006
  Summer visit to The Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy on Friday 21st July 2006
  The Armorial Bearings of Brian North Lee F.S.A. of Chiswick
  Heraldic Bookplates  
  The Canadian Pale  
  Hatchment hunting in Holland with a train, tram and bus ticket Peach Froggatt
  New Publications - Scotland  
  Marian Miles – R.I.P.  
  The Dacre beasts  

51 Feb-06

  Otto Hupp – Heraldic Artist Extraordinary  
  The Man who Bought the India Fleet Andrew Gray
  The Swiss Guard, the Pope’s official bodyguard  
  The Arms of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers  
  Arms granted to Clive Alexander by Letters Patent 20th April 2004
  Welcome to our website!  
  Fifteenth century German Jousting knight - illustration  
50 Sep-05
  Editorial - our fiftieth issue  
  Summer Visit to the National Archives at Kew  
  Summer visit to Ashlyns School, Berkhamstead on the 19th August
  Summer visit to the church of St. Peter & St. Paul at Little Gadesden on the 19th August
  Plas Mawr, Conwy in Caernarvonshire  
  M.A. Lower in 1845 introduced the term ‘heraldric’  
  Some Spanish heraldry  
  Ron Edwards R.I.P.  
  Keith Pocock R.I.P.  
49 Feb-05
  Editorial - the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar  
  The angel  
  De Mortuo Mari - The Mortimer arms  
  Words of Wisdom – from Cornwall  
  The first recorded act of the first recorded herald  
  A Fairy tale?  
  In the time of Queen Dick No.16 – Kynaston of Shropshire – Part 2 Cynthia Lydiard-Cannings
  Arms of Pierre Mieg de Boofheim  
  Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar - 1805  
48 Oct-04
  Summer visit to St John’s Gate in Clerkenwell  
  Knights Templar were forbidden to wear pointed shoes  
  Proof of Nobility for the British Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
  The flag of the European Union  
  In the time of Queen Dick No. 16 – Kynaston of Shropshire – Part 1 Cynthia Lydiard-Cannings
  Cardinal Louis René Edouard de Rohan, Prince-bishop of Strasbourg
  Elizabeth Lee – R.I.P.  
  Don Kirby - R.I.P.  
  Some heraldry of The Sovereign Military Order of St John  
47 Mar-04
  Robin Clayton R.I.P.  
  The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  
  Heraldic Sculpture  
  The Bestaries  
  Traditional method of ascertaining that the pope was dead
  The Worshipful Company of Girdlers  
  The Worshipful Company of Grocers  
  The Worshipful Company of Plaisterers  
  The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers  
  The arms of Saint Matthias, Apostle and Martyr  
  The Seaxe and Don Kirby  
  The Noble Science  
  The Middlesex Armory Project  
46 Sep-03
  Leslie Pierson R.I.P.  
  Militaria No.38 - The Duke of Wellington's Regiment  
  Did You Know? The first evening newspaper for literate Londoners
  The Venerable Saint Bede  
  The Somerset Heraldry Society  
  My Home Town - Huddersfield; references  
45 May-03
  Roger Matthews R.I.P.  
  Some Recollections of Roger Matthews Hendryk Drysch
  An Armigerous Member David Krause  
  My Home Town - Huddersfield Pt IV Stuart Whitefoot
  Many Tanks for the Royal Icon  
  Mediaeval Horse Harness Pendants Ray Penn
  Special Boat Service  
  Banana split over Stamps  
  The Somerset Heraldry Society  
  Saint Augustine of Hippo  
  Did You Know? Volkswagen  
44 Feb-03
  Saint Thomas  
  Saint Stephen  
  The Mantequero  
  My Home Town - Huddersfield Pt III Stuart Whitefoot
  Militaria No.37 - The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry  
  Did You Know: Peer of the realm in charge of the Metropolitan Police Royal Security Squad  
  Christopher Columbus;  
  From the Far North  
  Did You Know: Dr Rowan Williams  
  Roger Matthews  
  Spurious Heraldry  
43 Dec-02
    Saint Wenceslas  
    Heraldry in the Church of St Illtyd, Newcastle, Bridgend Tony Jones
    Spurious Heraldry  
    In the time of Queen Dick No.15 - THE HOUSE OF BRERETON Cynthia Lydiard-Cannings
    My Home Town - Huddersfield - Pt II Stuart Whitefoot
    James Harold Wilson (1916-1995)  
    Militaria No.36 - The East Surrey Regiment  
    The Bear  
    The Mantichora  
    Did You Know - The cadency mark for a ninth son  
    Middlesex Church Booklets  
42 Sep-02
    Derby Celebrates Four Jubilees Ray Smith
    Did You Know - the first "sandwich"  
    My Home Town - Huddersfield - Pt 1 Stuart Whitefoot
    In the time of Queen Dick No.14 - HE SHALL FIND THE STUBBORN THISTLE (Tennyson) Cynthia Lydiard-Cannings
    Saint James the Greater  
    Militaria No.35 - The East Lancashire Regiment  
    Special Boat Service Michael Smith
    On the passing of H. M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
    Visit to St Albans  
    Visit to the Middlesex Guildhall, the College of Arms and the Goldsmiths Hall  
    Stained Glass Windows Buckinghamshire  
41 Jul-02
    A German Maunch Arnold Rabbow
    Militaria No.34 - The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) Colonel lain Swinnerton
    Elizabeth Woodville An Uncommon Commoner Jonathan Holmes
    The Victoria Cross  
    Sunflower Power at BP  
    Letter from Cynthia Cynthia Lydiard-Cannings
    Saint Catherine of Alexandria  
    Saint Brigid of Kildare  
40 May-02
    De Salis - a Middlesex Family Marjorie Kirby
    Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps  
    A Lion's Resurrections Dr Arnold Rabbow
    Saint Antony of Padua  
    The Ghost or Shadow as a Charge Stephen Kibbey
    Cunninghame and Audley  
    More on Audley Bill Burgess
    Heraldry in Glamorgan Tony Jones
    A Tale of Augmentation Bill Burgess
    The Invasion of Spain  
    Red Faced Again lain Swinnerton
    Did You Know - Citroen  
    One for Robin Bill Burgess
    Margaret Jones R.I.P.  
    Saint Agatha  
39 Feb-02
    Christmas Greetings  
    An Exercise in Heraldic Design  
    Anthony L. Jones  
    In the time of Queen Dick No.11 - CUNNINGHAME OF CUNNINGHAME Cynthia Lydiard Cannings
    Militaria No.33 The Worcestershire Regiment  
    Saint Antony of Padua  
    Did You Know? Barnacle or brey  
    Publish and be Damned! - seaxes  
    Kingsbury High School Don Kirby
38 Dec-01
    In the time of Queen Dick No.10 - THE SQUIRES OF AUDLEY Cynthia Lydiard Cannings
    Civic Heraldry in the Chilterns - A Survey John Allen
    The Ward Names of The Middlesex Hospital Margaret Backhouse
    Saint Cecilia  
    Did You Know? Tudor diet  
    Evolution of BAA's Corporate Identity  
    Militaria No.32 The Gloucestershire Regiment  
    The Lords Lieutenant of Middlesex Nan Taylor
    Saint Isidore of Seville  
    Did You Know? Chevron is French for rafter  
37 Sep-01
    The Arms of Middlesex Kay Holmes
    A Pedigree of the Arms of Hillingdon Kay Holmes
    Wembley and Willesden Margaret Young
    Militaria No.31 The Middlesex Regiment Don Kirby
    The Arms of Middlesex in a Military Badge Kay Holmes
    The Lords Lieutenant of Middlesex Nan Taylor
    The Middlesex Hospital Margaret Backhouse
    Spectemur Agendo Cynthia Lydiard Cannings
    Sir Thomas (later Baron) Knyvett Don Kirby
    The Hume-Campbells and Highgrove House, Eastcote Ron Edwards
    The Arms of Ealing Abbey Stephen Kibbey
    My Home Town - No. 9 - Ealing Stephen Kibbey
36 May-01
    Frances (Fay) Robson - RIP  
    Happy Memories  
    Sir Colin Cole, Garter King of Arms from 1978 to 1992  
    Health and Industry (Part II) John Uncles
    Saint Anne  
    Horse Sense  
    In the Time of Queen Dick No.9 - Fitzgerald of Kildare Cynthia Lydiard Cannings
    Groat Was Saved  
    Good King Wenceslas revisited - by Henry the Lion Arnold Rabbow
    Militaria No. 30 - Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  
    The Arms of John Bent  
35 Feb-01
    Taylor arms Pete Taylor
    Good King Wenceslas Sedge Smith
    The Royal Burgh of Inveraray Steve Kibbey
    Did You Know? So called "brasses" are 'latten'  
    Health and Industry (Part 1) John Uncles
    Saint Ambrose  
    The Missing Groat  
    Royal Standards Hubert Chesshyre
34 Sep-00
    A Victorian Heraldry Day Marjorie Kirby
    Royal Ulster Constabulary  
    HMS Magpie and her Badges Roland Symons
    Cognate Arms John Dent
    Rejection by Magdalen  
    Problems of Genealogy  
    Ramon Llull - Majorcan Mystic and Poet Steve Kibbey
    Militaria No. 29 - The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)  
    Did You Know? Plaque issued to next of kin World War I.  
    The Mitfords  
    Wolf Hook = Wolfshafen  
    Bishop Alcock Again  
    Did You Know? Saint Boniface  
    De Bohun swan  
    The Answer to Alberia Nan Taylor
    Joss Froggatt - heraldist, poet and paint expert  
33 Jun-00
    Royal Air Force heraldry in Middlesex Roland Symons
    The Arms of St.Mary's College, Strawberry Hill R.J.B. Noel
    Militaria No. 28 - The King's Shropshire Light Infantry  
    What is a Wolf Hook? Ron Brown
    St. Catherine of Siena  
    Baroness Arlington  
    Bibliography - Militaria  
    Royal Standards  
    Congratulations to Peter Esslemont  
    The Cerne Giant in Wartime Iain Swinnerton
    Sale of Militaria  
    Did You Know? alberia  
    The Wars of the Roses? Lewis Carroll
    Infamous Last Words?  
32 Apr-00
    Bishop Alcock and the Hull Grammar School Cynthia Lydiard Cannings
    Did You Know? Lion Bicorporate  
    The Douglas Arms - A Local Error  
    It's That Swan Again Wells Cathedral per John Uncles
    Did You Know? Joseph of Arimathea W. Ellwood Post
    Wall to Wall Heraldry (Lockington ERY) Bill Burgess
    Strawberry Fare

Robert Hardman (Daily Telegraph)

    A Chief Engrailed  
    Who's Who in What or is it Which?  
    Obscene Heritage? The Cerne Giant

Anthony Barnett (The Observer)

    RAF Central Band  
31 Jan-00
    Caspar - Ruler of Tarsus Sedge Smith

In the Time of Queen Dick No.9 - Austria and Milan

Cynthia Lydiard Cannings

Arms of the Duchy of Milan

Cynthia Lydiard Cannings
    New Coat of Arms for S t Mary's Strawberry Hill David Smith in Simmarian
    Did You Know? Joseph of Arimathea W. Ellwood Post

Militaria No. 26 - The King's Own Scottish Borderers

    Did You Know? St. Vincent of Saragossa  
    The Arms at Wentworth  
    Dulce Est Daily Telegraph
    All the King's Men David Telfer (Daily Telegraph)
    100th Birthday Coin Minted  

Obscure and Unfrequented (All Saint's Tudeley)

30 Dec-99

Middlesex Heraldry Society Reguardant (Chenies)

Margaret Young

    The Mothers Union Bill and Rita Burgess
    The Saint Nicholas Hymn W. H. Savile
    Saint Nicholas of Myra Tom and Margaret Backhouse

Did You Know? Theodore Hardy


The Ducally Gorged and Chained Swan

C. J . (Sedge) Smith

In the Time of Queen Dick No.8 - Trafford of Lancashire

Cynthia Lydiard Cannings

Militaria No. 25 - The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

    The Mercers Guild - correction  
    Welsh Wizardry Anthony L. Jones
    The White Lyon Society  
29 Sep-99
    Obituary Jack Webley Kay Holmes
    The Swindon Hooter Marjorie Kirby

The Sacred and Military Order of Our Lady of Mercy or The Order of Our Lady of Ransom

Steve Kibbey
    The King's Arms at Amersham Leslie Pierson
    The Mercers Company & School (II) Ron Edwards
    Militaria No. 25 - The South Wales Borderers  
    Sophie's Coat of Arms (Countess of Wessex) - correction Nan and Pete Taylor
    In the Time of Queen Dick No.7 - The Red Badge of Ulster Cynthia Lydiard Cannings

The Story of the Swan Knight

Margaret Young
    The Arms of Pollock Anthony L. Jones
    Clarenceux Kings of Arms Roland Symons

Did You Know? Divorced woman's arms

    Staines and the London Stone  
28 Jul-99
    Editorial - Lydiard Tregose Marjorie Kirby

My Home Town - No. 8 BRAUNSCHWEIG

Dr Arnold Rabbow

    The Lord High Constable of Scotland

Robert Hardman (Daily Telegraph)


Son of Gloucester Goes to War

Peterborough (Daily Telegraph)


The Mercers Company & School

Ron Edwards
    Sophie Gets a Coat of Arms (Countess of Wessex)

Robert Hardman (Daily Telegraph)

    Obituary - Frank Bell Kay Holmes

Did You Know? fitchy

27 Apr-99

Swan Lore

Peggy Foster


Well-Well! Sir Frederick Pollock

Heraldry Gazette


My Home Town - No.7 LELANT, Cornwall,

Arthur Aird
    Coventry University - a short History Margaret Backhouse

Militaria No. 24 The Royal Welch Fusiliers

    The Arms of Kenilworth Kenilworth Society

Did You Know? croze or royne


The Most Illustrious Order of Saint Patrick

Chris Ryder and Sarah Toyne (Sunday Times)
26 Jan-99
    Obituary - Sheila Pearson Kay Holmes

Balthasar- King of Ethiopia

Sedge Smith

Nelson, Women and the Battle of the Nile

Cynthia Lydiard Cannings
    Coat of Arms for Conwy County? per Mary Pocock
    Stand Up The Real John Chard  

Militaria No. 23 The Cheshire Regiment

    The Late Theo Mathew - Windsor Herald

Hubert Chesshyre & Adrian Ailes

    Arms of the Royal Society of Medicine  
    Swans and Sponsorship  
    The Heraldry of Bath Abbey John Ede and Roland Symons
    Ubiquitous Heraldry (Blackheath) Don Kirby
    Sea-Horses Heraldry Gazette
    Up the Creek Without a Paddle (Bristol) John Uncles

700th Anniversary (Kingston upon Hull)

    Car Heraldry (Alfa Romeo) New Zealand Herald
25 Dec-98
    Two Weekends (Gloucester and Bath) Marjorie Kirby
    Plus ca change (Ulster Baronets)  
    The Royal Family (creation of the House of Windsor)  
    In the Time of Queen Dick No.6 - Llewellyn ap Ynyrl Cynthia Lydiard Cannings

Militaria No. 22 - The Royal Scots Fusiliers

    Did You Know? Fuzil and Fusilier  
    A Militant Lady? (Ledger at Norwich) John Dent
    Seaxes or Seaxen? Kay Holmes

Death and Glory on the Nile

Kenneth Bindoff (SAGA magazine)
    The Ordinary of Arms  
    Another Achievement Robin Clayton
    Better Late Than Never (St Andrews & Edinburgh Diocese) Heraldry Gazette
    The Bath Gallery of Arms Roland Symons
    The Naval Question - Dreadnought  
    Heraldry in Glamorgan Anthony L. Jones
24 Sep-98
    A Tricycle Made for Two Josh Froggatt
    The White Boar of Richard III  
    There Be Dragons! Judith Lawlor
    In the Time of Queen Dick No.5 - Hamilton of Scotland Cynthia Lydiard Cannings
    Do You Know? Seaxes or Seaxen? Cynthia Lydiard Cannings
    Corrigendum - pelican in her piety Margaret Young
    Bearing Up Daily Telegraph
    Medals - Part II Marjorie Kirby
    VC's Right Roy Walker Daily Telegraph
    English Heraldry from Wales! Tony Jones
    A Note from Norwich Clifford J. Offer, Archdeacon of Norwich
    Militaria No. 21 -The Lancashire Fusiliers  
    Scottish Link With the Tsar Major General Jonathan Hall Daily Telegraph
23 Jul-98
    City of Bath Heraldic Society  
    Bonnie Prince Charlie in Derby Ray Smith
    More News from Derby (Derby Independent Grammar School for Boys)  
    News from Josh & Peach Peach Froggatt
    Swan Sanctuary Update  
    And Yet More Swans  
    Heraldic Tarts Bill Burgess
    A Case for Pegasus  
    Militaria No. 20 - The Green Howards  
    Did You Know? Zule  
    Visit to Norwich - Saturday 30th May 1998  
    Royal Norfolk (Norfolk County Council)  
    The Story Behind the Arms of Lord Nelson  
    The Oxford Tube  
22 Apr-1998
    The Saga of the Swan Leslie Pierson
    Rorke's Drift Ring Stolen
    Did You Know? The Kilt Kwasi Karteng Daily Telegraph
    The Tail of a Tale of a Tally in Italy
    Arms of the Devon County Council
    Militaria No. 19 - The Royal Irish Regiment
    A postscript - Royal Irish Rangers
    In the Time of Queen Dick 4 - Kynaston of Shropshire by Cynthia Lydiard-Cannings
    News from Norwich John Dent
    From Wivenhoe to Winchester (or nearly) Bill Burgess
    More Beauty from Bath Roland Symons
    Heather Child 1911-1997 - A Tribute Michael Messer
21 Feb-98
    The Swan
    A Tale of a Tally in Italy Navy News per Ron Brown
    Melchior - King of Arabia and Nubia Sedge Smith
    Did You Know? Horseshoes
    My Home Town - No 6 Tiverton Frances (Fay) Robson
    An Unique Hatchment - The Full Story Joss & Peach Froggatt
    Militaria No. 18 - The Royal Leicestershire Regiment
    More About Nicknames Peter Bentley
    Beauty from Bath Roland Symons
20 Dec-97
    Oops! arms of Cecil Peter Bentley
    Volte Face Daily Telegraph
    Did You Know? pilgrims' staves
    Contemporary pictures of the Fate of Some of the Regicides Ron Edwards
    Militaria No. 17 - The Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment
    The Ludlow Weekend Marjorie Kirby
    In the Time of Queen Dick 3. The Battle of Ascalon (Part II) Cynthia Lydiard-Cannings
    My Home Town - No.5 Derby Harold Winfield
    The Story of Stoke D'Abernon Church Joss (& Peach) Froggatt
19 Sep-97
    Golden Jubilee City of Bath Heraldic Society Michael Messer
    It's a Sickle! Iain Swinnerton
    Society Visit to Croydon Palace Kay Holmes
    My Home Town - No.4 Bourne Peter Bentley
    In the Time of Queen Dick 3. The Battle of Ascalon (Part I) Cynthia Lydiard-Cannings
    Can You Help? The arms Of Crevecuer Cynthia Lydiard-Cannings
    Medals Martin Cutler
    Militaria No. 16 - The East Yorkshire Regiment
    No Jacobite Viscount Stormont Daily Telegraph
18 Jul-97
    Visit to Coughton Court, Warwicks Frances (Fay) Robson
    My Home Town - No.3 Bristol Keith Pocock
    In the Time of Queen Dick 2. Tripp of Boulogne Cynthia Lydiard Cannings
    Militaria No. 15 - The West Yorkshire Regiment
    Is it a Scythe or is it a Sickle? Roger Matthews
    Corrigenda - In Search of Armorial Glass Joss Froggatt
    Seeing Red Joss Froggatt
17 Apr-97
    Congratulations Clarenceux King of Arms
    Arms of the Federation of Family History Societies
    In Search of Armorial Glass Joss Froggatt
    Did You Know? the Portcullis Robert Harris
    In the Time of Queen Dick 1. TYRWHITT OF NORTHUMBERLAND Cynthia Lydiard Cannings
    Militaria No. 14 - The Somerset Light Infantry
    Heraldry in Glamorgan Anthony L. Jones
    Stained & Painted Glass - 1270-1800 Fay Robson
16 Feb-97
    The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators Bears Arms Roger Matthews
    Hengrave Hall or a Visit to the Bar Rita Titterton (nee Barnes)
    Did You Know? bat or reremouse
    Who or What?
    The Oxford Tube - Corrigendum
    Militaria No. 13 - The Gordon Highlanders Rita Burgess
    Waterloo and All That Lord (Bill) Deedes Daily Telegraph
    Did You Know? Outram
15 Dec-96
    The Norfolk Heraldry Society arms John Dent
    Visit to Arundel Castle Marjorie Kirby
    Hatchments Bill Burgess
    The Oxford Tube
    In Search of Hatchments Robin Clayton
    Militaria No. 12 - The Suffolk Regiment
    My Home ToWn - No.2 - Wallasey Kay Holmes
    Peace at Last - Battle of Towton
    Who or What? - blazon puzzle
    Rorke's Drift Again Daily Telegraph
14 Oct-96
    Vair Kay Holmes
    Visit to Croydon Palace Marjorie Kirby
    Et Tu Cantabria Peterborough Daily Telegraph
    Militaria No. 11 The Devonshire Regiment
    A Rorke's Drift VC
    Addendum to Rorke's Drift Daily Telegraph
    The Lost Lord or the Secret Sinha Daily Telegraph
12 Aug-96
    20th/21st; tribute to Les & Mary Pierson Marjorie Kirby
    Identification of Arms Pete Taylor
    What's in a Name?
    Mediaeval Encaustic Tiles Bill Burgess
    My Home Town - No.1 Bo'ness Nan Taylor
    The King's (or Queen's) Messengers
    The Tsar's Visit to Godalming
    The Royal Air Force Heraldic Trust Roger Matthews
    Obituary: Warren Stokes
    Militaria No.10 The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment
11 Jun-96
    20th Anniversary Issue
    Twenty Years On Kay Holmes
    Our Finest Hour Peter Bentley
    Aspects of Aristocracy: The 'Flying ' Duchess of Bedford
    The Cornish Arundells Arthur Aird
    Just Deeds? Peggy Webley
    From Pen-lettering to Heraldry and Back Again Margaret Young
    Nostalgia Is Not What It Was? O, Yes It Is! Kay Holmes
    An Heraldic Oath! Pete Taylor
    Militaria No.9 The Royal Norfolk Regiment
    Arms and the Man Christopher Middleton Sunday Times
    Did You Know? rhinoceros
    Lights and Bushels: Kay Holmes
10 Mar-96
    Editorial: Magna Carta and Runnymede
    Stormy Weathervane
    Hard-up Laird of The Isles Stays on
    Scottish Pillar Boxes
    The Cliffords of the North Stuart Whitefoot
    Militaria No.8 - The King's Regiment (Liverpool)
9 Jan-96
    Congratulations Pete Taylor
    The Crest of the Royal Society of Medicine RSM News
    The Mystery of a Welsh Heraldic pedigree Marion Miles
    Talks at Monthly Meetings
    A Memorable Visit: St. Mary's Church, Warwick
    Whatever Has Happened to - ?
    Militaria No.7 - The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
    The procession of the Holy Blood Leslie Pierson
8 Nov-95
    Valediction: Peggy Foster Nan Taylor
    Obituary: Henry Duke of Northumberland
    Militaria No.6 - The Royal Warwickshire Regiment
    Red Hatchments
    Life of Attlee Pete Taylor
    British Prime Ministers; book illustrated by Pete Taylor
    Walpole Again
    Women and Arms
    Visit to Oxburgh on 8th July, 1995 Margaret Young
    The Wakefield Mystery Plays
    Did You Know? Tommy Atkins
7 Sep-95
    Saint David Mark Arnold
    Steady The Buffs Pete Taylor
    Women's Arms
    Corrigendum - Brown Becomes Baron
    Militaria No.5 - The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
    The Tradescant Garden
    Up in Arms Hubert Chesshyre, The Times
    And About Time Too Pete Taylor
    Et Tu Harrow Peggy Foster
    The Chester Mystery Plays Pete Taylor
6 Jul-95
    Congratulations Hubert Chesshyre
    Militaria No.4 - The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster)
    Kings of Arms
    Corrigendum II to The Chester Mystery Plays Angela Dickson
    More on The Chester Mystery plays Roger Matthews
    Visit to the Museum of Garden History and Lambeth Palace Margaret Young
    The End of the Lozenge?
    The Most Honourable Order of the Bath Nan Taylor
    The Victorian World of Heraldry David Lee
    Floral Splendour Kay Holmes
    Editors' Lament
5 Jun-95
    Militaria No.3 - The Buffs (The Royal East Kent Regiment)
    Corrigendum to The Chester Mystery Plays Pete Taylor
    Mary Queen of Scots Nan Taylor
    Obituary: Sir Anthony Wagner
    Addendum to Militaria No.2 The Queen's Regiment Pete Taylor
    Bogus Heraldry?
4 Apr-95
    Militaria No.2 - The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
    A Tremendous Honour Daily Telegraph
    Beastly Heraldry Margaret Young
    The Chester Mystery Plays Angela Dickson
    News of Faraway places (Cornwall) Arthur and Gerry Aird
    Have You Been? To St. Nicholas' Church, Moreton in Dorset
    Did You Know? Tottenham Hotspur A.F.C.
    Corrigendum: Templars and Knights of St. John.
3 Feb-95
    Militaria - The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)
    Visit to Boxgrove and Chichester Margaret Young
    Boxgrove Priory Michael Messer
    Going to & fro on the Face of the Earth - Heraldry of the Templars and the Knights of St John Revd. Alfred Pryse-Hawkins
    Dunkeld Cathedral Nan Taylor
    Corrigenda: Church Walks in Middlesex Peggy Foster
    12th Local History Conference Kay Holmes
2 Jan-95
    VISIT TO LINCOLN - September 1992 Margaret Young
    DID YOU KNOW? British two finger insult
1 Oct-94
    DID YOU NOTICE? Villedieu-en-Poelles
    HATCHMENTS - Survey Completed John Titterton
    KING OF THE COUNCIL CASTLE (Adrian de Redman) Chris Arnot The Observer

Old Series 1976-92

12 1992
    Editorial Don & Marjorie Kirby
    Secretary's Report Peggy Foster
    Visits Margaret Young
    An Heraldic Jigsaw Kay Holmes
    St. Anselm's Church - Hatch End Jack Webley
    The Coade Stone Crossing John Hucker
    Pellew and St. Albans John Dent
    Pomp and Circumstance Marjorie Kirby
    The Hawtreys of Eastcote House - Part II Ron Edwards
    How Richard II Brought me to Heraldry Ami du Roy
    Identifying Royal Arms Don Kirby
    The Heraldry Weekend Margaret Young
11 1990
    Editorial Review Kay Holmes
    The Secretary's Year Peggy Foster
    Visits Margaret Young
    Full Frontal Heraldry Don Kirby
    All From One Shield Jim Golland
    The Hemp Bray, Brake or Break John Hucker
    The Society's Emporium Roger Matthews
    Berlin and Back in Pursuit of Heraldry Mike Phillips
    The Hawtreys of Eastcote House Ron Edwards
10 1989
    Editorial (Over to You) Kay Holmes
    From Our Minute Book Peggy Foster
    Competition Roger Matthews
    Visits Margaret Young
    Spoof Heraldry Alan Teasdale
    A Charming Subject Angela Dickson
    Audley End Marjorie Kirby
    Beware the Bucket Shop Blazoners Roger Matthews
    Whither Middlesex? Peggy Foster
    The See of Lichfield Don Kirby
    On Becoming a Student Again Ron Edwards
    Cats Margaret Young
    The Hull Grammar School Don Kirby
9 1988
    Editorial (The Wider Scene) Kay Holmes
    A New Dictionary of Heraldry  
    Visits Nan Taylor
    The Fayrey Pall Peggy Webley
    Myths and Morals Margaret Young
    Civic Heraldry in Middlesex Pt.III Peter Esslemont
    An Heraldic Twenty Questions Sheila Pearson
    Gatehouses Ron Edwards
    The Grand Union Canal Alan Teasdale
    Kingston-upon-Hull Marjorie Kirby
    Semper Non Sequitur II Don Kirby
    Another Aspect of Sir John Vanbrugh Jack Webley
8 1987
    Editorial Kay Holmes
    Secretarys Report Peggy Foster
    Now We Are Ten Kay Holmes
    Visits Nan Taylor
    In Search of Heraldry Again Joss Froggatt
    The Pegasus Margaret Young
    Madron Arthur Aird
    Arms on the Tomb of John Bourchier Fitzwarine, Earl of Bath Robin Clayton
    Reductio Ad Absurdum Jack Webley
    Semper Non Sequitur Don Kirby
    Railway Heraldry Pt II Alan Teasdale
    St. Edward's Church - Goathurst Arthur Aird
7 1986
    Civic Heraldry in Middlesex II Barnet Peter Esslemont & Margaret Young
    Gryphons Arthur Aird
    How Many Heads has a Hydra? Margaret Young
    Engineering and Heraldry  Stuart Whitefoot
    Heraldic Triptychs Kay Holmes
    Sandon Church Frances Robson
    Favourite Arms Arthur Aird
    Railway Heraldry Alan Teasdale
    Martin Heraldry Peggy Foster
    Horizontal Heraldry Pete Taylor
    Our Huguenot Heritage Bill Burgess
    Vive la France! Pete Taylor
    Quarterings of Howard  Ron Brown
    Horseshoes, Heraldry & Superstition  Peach Froggatt
    Littledean Kay Holmes
    Inns of Court Pete Taylor
    Arms on the Tomb of Alice, Countess of Derby Robin Clayton
    An Heraldic Coincidence Jack Webley
    Mayor's Parlour, Bury St. Edmunds Sheila Pearson
    Crowns and Coronets Pete Taylor
    Arms of the Metropolitan Police R.Matthews
    Bury St. Edmunds Kay Holmes
    A Momentous Event Jack Webley
    Heraldry for the Gifted Child Kay Holmes
    Valedictory (Ken Young & Vera Bell) Kay Holmes
6 1985
    Arthur Edwards - obituary Peter Esslemont & E.N.T.
    From the Chair  Kay Holmes
    Civic Heraldry in Middlesex  Peter Esslemont
    Two Scottish Banners E.N.T.
    Visits 1982-84 Nan Taylor
    Hypothetical Arms "Parkthorne Herald Extraordinary"
    By Appointment Nan Taylor
    Nebuly E.N.T.
    The Royal Air Force E.N.T.
    British Airways E.N.T.
    Badge of the Heraldry Society E.N.T.
    Geometry of the Shield  E.N.T.
    Hatching Margaret Young
    Tricking Margaret Young
    The Baleful Cockatrice Margaret Young
    From an Oxfordshire Church  Peggy Foster
    Whose Hatchment at Harefield? Kay Holmes
    Armorial Garden Discovered Kay Holmes & Margaret Young
    Hatchment Puzzle at Puttenham Kay Holmes
    A Tale of Augmentation Bill Burgess
    Knights of the Garter at Poitiers  Bill Burgess
    Vyell Monument at St. Breoke Frances Robson
    Heraldry on U.K. Postage Stamps  Peter Esslemont
    In Search of Lady Anne Vera and Frank Bell
    Heraldry 'Down Under' 33 Keith Pocock
5 1982
    From Our Editor Robin Clayton
    Visits 1981/82  
    Visit To George Jackson & Sons Ltd 4th December, 1980 Kay Holmes
    Enjoying Middlesex Churches Fay Robson
    Outing to Aldbury, Little Gaddesden and Ashridge Timothy Noad
    Middlesex Heraldry Society's Exhibition - 13th 27th

June 1981

Charles Town
    Heraldry In Ruislip Kay Holmes
    An Heraldic Quiz  
4 1981
    Chairman's message Margaret Young
    Editor's note Robin Clayton
    Visits 1981  
    Account of St. Albans Visit Margaret Zigadas
    Heraldomania! Margaret Young
    Society of Genealogists' Visit Arthur Edwards
    Taking up arms...Arms and Armour Collections  
    Bath Exhibition Report Angela Dickson
    Heraldic Quiz Bill Burgess
    A Bouquet of Heraldry Brenda Bamford
    Press Snippets Margaret Zigadas
    Harefield Visit Ron Brown
    Lambeth Palace visit Robin Clayton
    and so to ye shire of Buckingham T. Douglas Dickson
    Richard III Society Kay Holmes
    A Paper on the de Mandevilles' arms. John Dent
    In Search of Heraldry 5 Hertfordshire Kay Holmes
    In Search of Heraldry 6 East Anglia Kay Holmes
3 1980
    Chairman, past and present. George Bennett & Margaret Young
    Our man in Norwich  
    From a Dorset Church  
    Visit to Oxfordshire Margaret Young
2 1979
    Chairman's letter George Bennett
    Visits - reports.  
    Places of interest: Farleigh Hungerford II  
    Heraldic Crossword.  
    Answers to Crossword.  
    In Search of Heraldry Kay Holmes




1 1978
    Visits to Other Societies  
    Visit to Chiswick  
    Editor's Letter Page Robin Clayton
    Places of Interest: Farleigh Hungerford I  
    From the Minutes Robin Clayton
    Book Review: A Complete Guide to Heraldry" by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies Robin Clayton
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