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In common with many other heraldic and historical societies, we set out - about a decade and a half ago - to catalogue all the heraldry in the churches of Middlesex. In those days, inexpensive booklets and artistic line drawings were the usual method. The extent of our work is shown on the map and we have reproduced the collection as a PDF file.


Today, we would go in with a digital camera and put the results straight onto this website. In fact, we have done precisely that, for several churches in and around the City, to demonstrate this way of publishing the material.


Could you help?


You don't have to know anything about heraldry - just be able to recognise it.

You don't need a sophisticated camera - even today's mobile phones are pretty clever.

If you are visiting a Middlesex church, whether your local parish church or any other, just photograph what you see, and we'll work out how to describe it.


Of course, courtesy requires that you ask before you start snapping, and don't forget to drop some some cash in the box - all churches need it!

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Last updated: 31/01/2012